Like other chiropractors, we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…

What is an office visit like?

Fishers Chiropractors are often asked… what is an office visit like?

In a word, Thorough! Many of our patients compliment how they had never learned so much about themselves before coming to Seland Chiropractic. We pride ourselves on patient education and providing an extraordinary chiropractic experience.

A typical office visit with your chiropractor includes a thorough evaluation of your spine, gentle chiropractic adjustments, inspiring and healthy “Living Well” articles and possibly some spinal massage or HydroMassage.

Why are X-Rays Important?

X-rays are important because they allow the doctor to see a visual of your spinal condition. Through the analysis of your x-ray films the doctor can determine the health of your spine as well as if any fractures, dislocations, subluxations (a misalignment of the spinal bones called vertebra), arthritis, infections, or tumors are present.

Are X-Rays Required?

Our doctors will determine whether or not x-rays are required for a patient to receive care. Since the majority of people seeking chiropractic care are doing so because of pain it is often necessary to take x-rays in order to determine the cause of symptoms.

There are several times when x-rays are not needed or required for a patient to be adjusted. For instance, x-rays are usually not taken on children unless scoliosis is suspected. If you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant, x-rays will not be taken. If you have recent x-ray films or an MRI, additional x-rays are often not needed.

Do All Chiropractors Take X-Rays?

The answer is not always. X-rays are the tool of choice to accurately diagnose the specific location and improve specificity of adjustments to improve quality care. At Seland Chiropractic we have a Radiology Department on site, than can take x-rays in our office. You wouldn’t want a carpenter working on your home without a set of blueprints, would you? X-rays are the blue prints of the spine that Chiropractors work with. We will review any x-rays taken of your spine with you when we explain the cause of your pain. We have experienced over the years that x-rays have revealed spinal anomalies and conditions unbeknownst to the patient.

Do you have family plans?

Families are important to us, so we provide affordable plans for the entire family to keep them healthy and their spines well aligned. The majority of our patients who are parents want to have their children checked for subluxations to keep them healthy too! Why would you have your spine checked and leave your family home to suffer from the damaging effects of vertebral subluxation when there are family plans available at Seland Chiropractic?

How much does it cost?

Every patient has a spine as unique as their fingerprint. Our care is customized to your unique spinal needs. Fees for care will be discussed after your initial exam is performed. We will also look into your insurance benefits to simplify paying for your chiropractic care.

Are some of your patients nervous when they come in?

Many of our new patients have never been to a Chiropractor before, so we do our best to help them relax and feel at home in our office. One of our favorite experiences in our office is seeing the transformation on the faces of nervous new patients as the fear melts from their faces and a huge smile appears! Smiles appear as the shift into feeling better begins! If you’re not happy when you leave on your first visit, we aren’t happy. We strive to serve and exceed your expectations!

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