Dr. Rivelli was born and raised on the northside of Indianapolis and is a graduate of both Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences and Logan University College of Chiropractic. From a young age, he was heavily involved in sports, playing as many as six different sports a year. It is largely because of this that maximizing human performance became such a vital element of his life. Whether you are a high-level athlete trying to reach your maximum physical potential or just someone who is trying to get back to living his or her life pain free, taking you from where you are to where you want to be is his main goal.

He has worked in both family practice and sports medicine settings and combines his knowledge of rehabilitative exercises with his knowledge of chiropractic adjusting. In doing so, he not only sets his patients on the path towards their healthiest selves, but also empowers them to take the reins for their own wellness.

When not at the office, Dr Rivelli enjoys spending time with his wife, working out, video gaming, and spending time with friends.

He cannot wait to meet you and help you to achieve your optimal self!