What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Very Helpful and Professional

First time at a chiropractor. Was much easier than I thought. Dr. Phil Hallett was very helpful and professional. He seemed to really care about my health. Looking forward to a lasting relationship with Seland Chiropractic!

-Jerry N.

Thrilled With The Care!

This was my first chiropractic experience, and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m thrilled with the care I received. I came in with significant lower back soreness, and I’ve already felt some relief.

-Brenda B.

Praise God For This Group!

Praise God for this group! I have been battling this pain for over a year. I now have hope I can get some relief.

-Dave W.

Excellent Expertise

After my first visit with Dr. Seland I have great hopes that my condition will improve due to the excellent expertise I experienced.

-Valendina B.

Efficient Timing Without Feeling Rushed

Thank you! I have not had many adjustments yet, but am feeling the work being done. I appreciate the efficient timing without feeling like I am being rushed. I love the hydro massage that helped loosen me up after the adjustments.

-Roger T.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

You all are great! Everyone has been friendly and knowledgeable. I am happy and confident in having your help to become a healthier me.

-Jeff J.

Excellent First Experience

Very professional, friendly and helpful staff. Excellent first experience.

-Brenda H.

Very Inviting Place

Very inviting place. Staff very pleasant. I am confident that Dr. Hallett will be able to take care of my needs. He did a very thorough exam and we immediately started on a plan. I am looking forward to going back.

-Diane Z.

Very Kind and Welcoming

Very kind and welcoming environment, and I appreciated the willingness of staff members to talk through my treatment options and what to expect.

-Michael M.

Very Comfortable

I felt very comfortable with your staff and the treatment I received from Dr. Hallett gave me the pain relief I needed. Thank you!

-Glen D.

Seland Rocks!

Everyone at Seland Chiropractic rocks especially Dr. Wellbrook!!

-Linda K.

Awesome Team!

Dr. Phil and his staff are awesome!

-Matt P.

I Felt Amazing!

New patient, in a lot of pain, and they saw me a few hours after I called. Discussed my history, x-rays, adjustment and I felt amazing! That fast!!

-Crystal A.

Very Positive

The atmosphere is very positive. Expect a Miracle.

-Roberta B.


Very apprehensive but Dr Welbrook was super nice, informative and took time to explain everything. Staff was awesome too.

-Bobbi N.

Great Experience

Great experience. Already feeling a difference!

-Nancy P.

Very Kind

Very kind. As a professional, gives a very detailed explanation. Is very clean.

-Won C.

Very Polite and Helpful

The staff was very polite and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit and will be making more to sustain my health.

-Kim G.

Really Helped!

I was really in pain and did not think my back could be any better than it was. After one visit and speaking with Dr. Hallett he really helped. My back hasn’t felt this good since I was in my teens. True story!

-Aaron S.

They Actually Care

Excellent care at this office. Knowledgeable staff, very patient and kind. They actually care.

-Darla W.

Great Experience

You have a very modern, clean, relaxing facility. From beginning to end a great experience and I felt some relief after my first visit.

-Sherrie B.

Courteous and helpful

Deanna and another staff member were courteous and helpful. Dr. Seland took a lot of time to visit with me, to listen, to evaluate my condition and to explain it clearly to me. His adjustment style was more physical than the drop-down table method of my last chiropractor; I’m expecting good results here.

-Jan D.

So glad I found your office

I’m so glad I found your office-you’ve treated the immediate pain in my back, and you’re working with me to treat and manage the problems with an overall long-range health plan!

-Patti L.

Dr. Phil is the greatest!

Dr. Phil is the greatest! He listens to my concerns, explains everything to me carefully, and truly knows what he is doing!

-Shane S.

Dr. Seland is Amazing

Dr. Seland is amazing and explains everything in an easy to understand and professional manner. I feel very confident in his knowledge and ability to help.

-Shannon T.

Pain Free For The First Time In 4 Months

I work in the medical field, and frankly I was so impressed with my experience I went to work today and spoke with my staff about making some changes. Thank you. I woke up this morning pain free in my neck for the first time in 4 months!

-Triste R.

Compassionate Care

Very professional staff and extremely informative chiropractor! It helps having such compassionate care when you’re going through a difficult time.

-Lindsey A.


I first started visiting Seland Chiropractic after not finding any relief from my lower back pain, even after surgery. I walked into Seland skeptical the doctors could do anything to help me, but was desperate for some relief. I walked out after my first adjustment with the first relief I had felt in years. I started a treatment program of regular adjustments, hydromassage and spinal decompression. Now I am pain-free! I see my visits to Seland Chiropractic as a part of my healthy lifestyle, and would recommend the doctors and staff at Seland to anyone.
-Alan S.

Family Wellness

On my first visit to Seland Chiropractic I was desperate, my son was 6 months old and suffering from acid reflux so bad he would stop breathing. I was up giving him medicine every three hours and he was still suffering. My son found relief from his acid reflux in 2-3 weeks and was completely off the medication in 2-3 months. When my daughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy was born we took her in at 9 days old. Our entire family makes regular visits into the office as part of our regular health routine and couldn’t imagine it any other way.
-Carrie S.

Benefits for Life

I started seeing Dr. Hallet after a really bad experience with another chiropractor, some friends recommended Seland Chiropractic. I had been in a car accident and really wanted to get back to myself. Dr. Hallet was thorough and efficient. I have since settled my case but continue to see Dr. Hallet regularly because of the benefits I have seen. Once I missed a regular appointment, and it had been a month since my last adjustment, the change was so stark I had to adjust my rearview mirror on the way home because I was sitting so much taller. In addition to the health benefits, I love how friendly everyone is when you walk in, and the flexible payments and scheduling means it seamlessly fits into my life.
-Myrna O.

Staying Active

I started seeing Dr. Anthony after I got hurt doing karate with my kids. I tried treating it with standard massages, but that wasn’t helping and I was desperate. I was really hesitant about chiropractic care, but after one treatment I was hooked. Dr. Anthony talked me through all of the procedures, why he was doing them and how they would help. He created a long-term treatment plan that included additional services such as hydromassage and at home exercises. I was really worried I would have to do chiropractic care forever, but after the treatment plan was done I kept coming back simply because I liked the way my body felt. Now my whole family goes, and the kids are very vocal about letting me know when they need an adjustment and feel out of alignment. I would suggest anyone go see Dr. Anthony if they are active at all, it helps keep me going and playing with my kids.
-Denise V.


Dr. Hallet is excellent and I would recommend him for any pregnant or none pregnant people for adjustments and the like.
-Kendra W.

Wonderful Customer Service

Seland Chiropractic has been amazingly accommodating to me! From seeing me at the last minute because I was going to be traveling long distance, or forgiving me for forgetting an appointment, I have been blown away by their customer service! They have designed a streamlined system for patients so there is no “down time” in your appointment – and I always feel informed. But best of all — I am no longer in the pain that haunted me for nearly 6 years! I am only sorry I didn’t find them earlier!
-Laura R.


Dr. Hallett explained everything very thoroughly and was awesome! Very nice, welcoming atmosphere. I drive an hour every week because I love the atmosphere and they really care about their clients. They also work on my 4 month old and do a fantastic job. I feel 100% better after every visit.
-Kalynn T.

Gave Me Back My Life

The first visit gave me back my life that had been so restricted for so long from back pain. The following morning, I got out of bed with ease where it had been such a struggle previously. I think that Dr. Seland is a fantastic doctor and healer!
-Marty R.

Neck Pain Decreased

I have had severe neck pain for over a year and after only one appointment my pain in my neck decreased by about 70%. I’m so glad I came to this chiropractor. I would highly recommend for anyone.
-Rachel O.

Kind And Friendly

The office staff was very kind and friendly. The decor of the office is warm and welcoming. Dr. Seland was very thorough and explained things so they were easy to understand. Two of my friends referred me to this office and I am happy that I took their suggestion to make an appointment for the consultation. I am excited to know that there is hope to correct my outstanding neck and back issues.
-Carol S.

Helpful Staff

I wasn’t just seen on time, but was seen early. In fact, the helpful staff made schedule adjustments so I could be seen very early as I was in so much discomfort. Temporary relief was immediate and Xrays and follow-up visits were immediately planned in an effort to make temporary relief, permanent. I highly recommend this practice.
-Jessica B.

Help for my concussion

“My son recently suffered a concussion as a result of two hits in hockey. He had what he described as ‘the worst headache of his life’. On the second day, after many pain medications, we went to see Dr. Seland. My son definitely needed the adjustment based on the fireworks we heard, and the shortening he had on one side. The rest of that day his headache improved dramatically, along with his mood, ability to concentrate, and feeling of well being. Thank you Dr. Seland!”
-Laura I.

Regular chiropractic care Keeps me going

“I’m a freelance TV broadcast videographer and my job can be demanding. Packing/unpacking heavy TV equipment and building/operating TV cameras take a toll on my body and back. Dr. Seland started treating my subluxation 8 years ago and put the correct curve back in my neck. My demanding job hasn’t changed, but how I feel after a work day has. I don’t feel so worn out and beat up! Regular chiropractic care just keeps me humming right along!”
-Terry L., Brownsburg, IN

Chiropractic, a huge change in my life

“I was in pain everyday for about 5 years. The pain caused me to lose my confidence in things I loved and my dreams. I also gained weight because it hurt too much to workout. Being with Dr. Seland for over a year and a half has made a huge change in my life. Not only have I lost weight this year, I have the confidence to follow my dream and have a life where I can do everything I want and I’m not in pain. I can never thank Dr. Seland and his staff enough for giving me my life back and being such supporters of mine.”
-Erin D., K-9 Officer – Sheridan Police Department, Third Shift Supervisor, Noblesville/Westfield 911

Pain relief from a pinched nerve

“A pinched nerve brought me to Dr. Seland. I’m 52 years old and had never been to a chiropractor. I was quite skeptical at first. Dr. Seland helped me understand what was going on with my body that caused the pinched nerve and would lead to future issues if left untreated. In less than a month, I not only had relief from the pain in my arm, but no longer had the ‘knot’ that was always present in my left shoulder blade. I look forward to my appointments. Dr. Seland has made me a believer in chiropractic care!”
-Terri N., age 52

Spinal Decompression at Seland Chiropractic

“I was 67 years old when I first came to the Seland Chiropractic Center. I have a disabled son weighting 140 pounds and I was lifting his full body weight 10 to 12 times a day. As a result I was over stressing the lumbar area of my spine. This eventually resulted in herniated discs. One disc herniated toward the spinal cord and pinched off the nerves controlling my left leg. The only way that I could walk was to lock my left knee. If my knee became bent even 1/8th of an inch, I fell to the floor with no control of my leg in any way. After falling 10-15 times and consulting spinal surgeons, I was scheduled for spinal fusion surgery.

I obtained a powered lift and sling configuration so that I no longer had to personally lift my son.

Through prayer requests and other inputs it was suggested that I investigate a chiropractic approach before surgery. I came to Seland Chiropractic 12 days before my scheduled surgery. I learned more about discs, their function, and how to rehabilitate and maintain the health of discs in 15 minutes at Seland Chiropractic- than what I had learned during visits with 5 different medical doctors.

I immediately began a program of spinal decompression, roller table, core disc exercises with spinal adjustments. The spinal decompression was done almost daily where the lumbar area of my spine was pulled to relieve the pressure on the discs. Within one week of decompression I could sense a return of some nerve activity such that I cancelled the surgery until the full impact of decompression could be determined. Within 6 to 8 weeks I had regained full control of my left leg without requiring surgery.

Since that time, the decompression frequency has regularly been reduced over a year and a half such that I am now undergoing decompression weekly. Many of the other symptoms of my back problems, (numbness in legs, feet etc.) have been slowly fading away. Since the problems with my back resulted in an accumulation of stresses over years, I understand that achieving full spinal health will take a long time. Persistence with maintaining the rehabilitation program is paying off.

I highly recommend that a chiropractic evaluation be completed for anyone with back problems and those anticipating spinal surgery to make sure surgery isn’t the only option. Anyone who has had spinal surgery should follow a chiropractic spinal rehabilitation program to maintain the maximum health of the remaining healthy discs.”
– Bill G.

Great experience with my chiropractor

“I am 74 years old. My experience with the Seland Chiropractic has always been positive for the past 9 years. I stay in great shape by coming once a month to avoid potential spine issues.”
– Don M.

HydroMassage and chiropractic

“Hmmm, ‘how do I love you, let me count the ways’. From the beginning, entering the practice has been a joy. With Kate and Deanna to greet me with smiles, I am on my way to the HydroMassage – which is a mini-vacation experience. No comment on the rollers. Having Dr. Seland adjust me is so therapeutic. I always feel better! I walked all over the Pacific N.W. thanks to him. Your office is a blessing.”
– Carol N.

Help for sinus infections

“Before coming to Seland Chiropractic & before receiving regular chiropractic treatments, I had 3-4 sinus infections per year requiring antibiotics to heal. In the four years I’ve been seeing Dr. Seland I’ve had 3 sinus infections total.”
– Marilyn W.

A rejuvenating environment

“Seland Chiropractic has been a blessing to our family. Visiting the office is a nice getaway from the crazy busy world outside the doors. Seland Chiropractic provides a loving Christian environment that rejuvenates your body as well as your soul.”
– The Cherry Family

Chiropractic saved me from neck fusion

“I was headed for a neck fusion when chiropractic pulled me back from that ledge. The orthopedic surgeon said “You’ll be back” but it was never necessary. What a relief!”
-John G.

Kind compassionate care at Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center

I have been a patient of Seland Chiropractic for over 11 years. When I first met Dr. Seland, I could hardly walk without being in severe pain. He was so concerned about me that our 1st appointment was on a Saturday morning in which he opened his office just for me. In a short time my quality of life improved not only physically but emotionally due to the care, support and friendship developed over time, Eventually my damage was to a point that spinal fusion was required. Too bad I didn’t meet him earlier! Although, I was scared, Trond had me meet with other patients who had similar surgery. It got me prepared before, during and after the surgery. Dr Seland visited me in the hospital the day after surgery that was 6 years ago and I now feel like a walking miracle due to the care I received at Seland Chiropractic. This is one appointment I look forward to going to every 2 weeks. I am healthy, happy and do anything I want to based on a large part due to adjustments. But more importantly, due to care provided to me not by my doctor but friend.

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